They Were Patriots - Robert Smalls
From the book They Were Patriots - Robert Smalls

They Were Patriots - Robert Smalls is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated children’s book that introduces young readers to the incredible life and heroism of Robert Smalls, a brave African American who fought for freedom during one of the darkest periods in American history. Set in 1860s Charleston, South Carolina, this captivating story will take your little ones on an unforgettable journey through bravery, determination, and triumph.

A Daring Escape: Young Robert Smalls, born into slavery but dreaming of freedom, takes matters into his own hands when he bravely commandeers a Confederate ship called the Planter. Together with his friends and family, he risks everything for a chance at liberty as they navigate treacherous waters towards Union lines.

Inspiring Lives: Learn about how Robert went from being enslaved to serving with distinction in the United States Navy during the Civil War and later becoming an influential politician fighting against racial injustice. His legacy serves as a powerful reminder that even in dark times there is hope.

This delightful book is perfect for kids ages 3-5 years old. It offers accessible storytelling that engages young minds while sharing important lessons about black history and perseverance. The stunning illustrations bring these true-life events vividly to life!

  • A champion of justice, teaching children about standing up against inequality
  • An exciting adventure, packed with suspenseful moments engaging early readers’ imaginations
  • A memorable lesson, introducing kids to important figures from Black History who serve as role models today
  • An educational resource, opening conversations with children about their own dreams and ambitions

Educate & Inspire

Give your children a head start in understanding the importance of standing up for what is right and just. They Were Patriots - Robert Smalls serves as an excellent tool for parents, educators, and anyone who wants to inspire our young generation with real-life heroes who fought for freedom and equality.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Child’s Library

Add this amazing book to your child’s collection today! It will ignite their curiosity, foster empathy for others, and instill valuable life lessons that they will never forget. Don’t miss the opportunity to share Robert Smalls’ remarkable story with the little ones you love! Read “They Were Patriots - Robert Smalls” now and embark on an exciting journey into black history together with your children!

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