A Picture Book for Kids About Possums
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Possums

Welcome to the fun and fascinating world of Percy, the Possum!

Our jolly protagonist, Percy, tale fluttering with excitement, is ready to embark on a delightful journey. He will share ten captivating facts about possums that will surely capture your child’s imagination.

With Percy as your child’s friendly guide, they’ll discover how these incredible creatures are exquisite climbers, using their long and strong tails to swing from branch to branch. They’ll uncover why possums are nature’s neat-freaks, feasting on unwelcome garden pests.

Join in the glee as Percy reveals that possums carry their adorable babies in pouches, just like kangaroos! Travel with him from America to Australia and see different species of possums in various habitats.

Your little one will laugh out loud when they learn about possums’ unique way of dealing with danger - playing ‘dead’ till it passes. They can’t overlook the soft grey fur and cute pink noses that make these critters simply adorable.

With Percy by their side, children will unravel why possums love the night and have an astounding number of teeth.

  • Is your child always brimming with questions about the natural world? This book is just for them!
  • Are you passionate about fostering a love for reading in your young ones? Dive right in!

This book is perfect for young readers aged 3-7 who are starting to explore the world around them. Vivid illustrations coupled with easy-to-understand language makes this book an enjoyable read that effortlessly imparts knowledge about these interesting marsupials.

This charming tale also serves as a perfect opportunity for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. The captivating story not only educates but also builds a strong sense of curiosity among young minds, making this book a precious gift that nurtures learning and togetherness.

Embark on this exciting journey now! Remember, the world is full of fun facts, just waiting for you to discover!

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