A Picture Book for Kids About Yorkshire Terriers
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Yorkshire Terriers

Welcome to the delightful world of Yorkshire Terriers!

Meet Yorkie, a charming Yorkshire Terrier with a tale (and tail!) to wag, and a heart full of love to share! This beautifully illustrated picture book was magically woven together with the simple aim to introduce your young reader to the enchanting world of one of the most adorable breeds known - the Yorkshire Terrier.

A Picture Book for Kids About Yorkshire Terriers is a lovely journey that embarks on an exploration of this breed’s unique qualities:

  • Their origin from England, where they derived their fun nickname ‘Yorkies’
  • Their distinctive black and tan (or sometimes blue and gold) coloration
  • How they have hair instead of fur which contributes to their exceptionally soft touch
  • Their small stature backed by an insurmountable bravery
  • Their ability to learn tricks fast due to their high intelligence quotient

Who is this book for?

It’s for any child who loves animals, especially dogs - but that’s not all! The child-like innocence and curiosity central to Yorkie’s story make it an appealing read for children of all ages. It is an excellent choice as a bedtime story or a fun daytime read. Not just that, it also acts as an engaging tool for early readers looking to improve their reading skills.

A Perfect Gift!

If you’ve been scouring for the perfect gift for young readers in your life, look no further! A Picture Book for Kids About Yorkshire Terriers makes for an exceptional gift that combines fun and learning. It does more than just tell a story - it educates, entertains, and encourages compassion towards these small wonders of the canine world.

It’s also a splendid gift for grandparents, fostering a unique bond as they join their grandchildren on an exciting factual journey about Yorkies. It provides an opportunity for a shared reading experience that can ensue in delightful conversations and precious family moments.

“Yorkie wags his tail and gives a soft bark - Thanks for learning about me; it’s been quite a lark!”

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