A Picture Book for Kids About Penguins
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Penguins

Meet Penny, an adorable penguin who is ready to take you on a delightful journey through her icy world! In “A Picture Book for Kids About Penguins”, Penny the Penguin waddles with joy and reveals ten fascinating facts about penguins, capturing the heart of every young reader. From explaining how penguins are birds who forgot how to fly but soar high in water, to showcasing their fun-filled life in glittering icy home.

Children will discover the diverse types of penguins, their unique way of keeping warm in freezing temperatures and their super-swimming skills. Experience the charming waddle walk and thrilling belly sliding of these adorable creatures!

The book refreshingly portrays how these wonderful creatures love to eat fish and krill and how they lay eggs! Its an adventure into the life of Penguins that’s engaging, educational and entertaining.

Written in vibrant rhymes, this book is not just about fun facts. Its also about friendship, family, and caring for each other - values integrated naturally into the story as Penny narrates her day-to-day activities in her large penguin group called a colony.

This book is the perfect gift for young readers between ages 3 and 8, ideal for those beginning to learn about the world around them.

  • Packed with beautiful illustrations,
  • Rhymes that stick,
  • Educational content to spark curiosity

This picture book makes bedtime reading a ‘flipper-flapping’ fun experience!

If you’re a grandparent looking for a delightful read to share with your grandchildren, this book is a perfect choice. Together, you can explore the enchanting winter world of Penny the Penguin, making your reading time a special one!

Embark on this frosty adventure with Penny the Penguin, and dream of her playful and fun life when your day is done. Discover the world, one fact at a time!

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