A Picture Book for Kids About Peacocks
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Peacocks

Join Perry, the peacock, in his colorful world as he takes young readers on a delightful journey of discovery!

In A Picture Book for Kids About Peacocks, children will follow Perry’s lively narration, learning not just one or two, but ten fascinating facts about his majestic species. His stories cover everything from peacock terminology to their unique habitats, their dazzling tail displays to their intriguing dietary habits.

  • Did you know only male Peafowls boast the bright rainbow tails?
  • Ever wonder where these stunning creatures call home?
  • Do you know what baby peacocks are affectionately called?
  • Did you know about their peculiar sleeping preferences?

These and many more exciting facts await your little explorers in this vibrant book.

This is the perfect gift for young readers, who will enjoy the beautifully illustrated pages filled with bright hues and engaging text. Perry’s charming personality makes learning fun, transforming this book into an enjoyable reading experience that fosters curiosity and knowledge.

The perfect gift for grandparents as well! It provides a heartwarming opportunity to bond with grandchildren while immersing them into the world of these magnificent creatures. The easy-to-understand narration allows grandparents to guide their young ones through an exciting exploration of nature.

Dream of peacocks with their colorful hues. And remember our stories as they’ll always be true!

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