A Picture Book for Kids About Mice
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Mice

Step into the world of Molly the Mouse, a lovable little character who is excited to share her life with young friends. This charming picture book will take you on a delightful journey, offering an intimate peek into a day in the life of Molly - a small, curious, and incredibly cute mouse!

What do mice like to eat? How do they play? What are their babies called? Molly has all the answers! With each page turning, readers will learn fun and fascinating facts about mice that are beautifully woven into an engaging narrative.

From their favourite foods to their distinct physical traits, their unique ways of exploring the world to their endearing family ties - every aspect is covered in this heartwarming tale. The wonderful illustrations bring Molly’s world to life, making for an immersive reading experience!

  • Mice are small and soft to touch
  • Mice love to eat seeds and fruit
  • Mice have sharp claws for climbing
  • Baby mice are tinier than teacups
  • Mice can squeeze through tiny holes
  • Most importantly, mice love their family tree!

This book is perfect for young readers who are curious about the world around them. The simple yet informative text aids vocabulary expansion while fueling their interest in nature and animals.

Also, it makes for a great bonding activity! Grandparents can enjoy quality time reading this delightful book to their grandchildren. As they explore Molly’s world together, it provides numerous opportunities for meaningful conversations.

A gift of knowledge wrapped in a cute, captivating tale. Give your loved ones a chance to journey with Molly, and let them fall in love with her just like we did!

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