A Picture Book for Kids About Cicada
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Cicada

Welcome to the enchanting world of Cindy Cicada - a delightful and enlightening tale for young ones that offers a fascinating journey into the life of a cicada! This book presents an engaging mix of fun, facts, and fantasy that is sure to captivate the hearts of its readers.

In this beautifully illustrated read, you’ll learn about Cindy Cicada’s unique lifestyle - from years spent underground to her transformation into an aerial beauty. Discover how Cindy and her cicada family produce their characteristic symphony and why it’s a sound not to be feared but celebrated!

  • Did you know cicadas are not locusts, despite the common confusion?
  • Or that they have special parts called ‘tymbals’ to create their buzz?
  • How about the fact they can wait up to 17 years before emerging above ground?

These interesting tidbits are just the beginning! The book explores in depth - with captivating details - the life of these amazing creatures!

If you’re seeking a refreshing and educational story for your little reader, look no further. ‘A Picture Book For Kids About Cicada’ is more than just a book - it’s an adventure and learning experience rolled into one.

This makes an ideal gift not only for children who’re curious about nature and its diverse inhabitants, but also for grandparents seeking enriching stories to share with their grandkids. Spark curiosity, promote learning, and enjoy some shared reading time with this fantastic book.

We invite you on this exciting journey with Cindy Cicada. It’s time to listen to her song from high up in the trees and immerse yourself in her world!

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