A Picture Book for Kids About Beagles
From the book A Picture Book for Kids About Beagles

A Picture Book for Kids About Beagles is an enchanting tale featuring Benny, a spirited and lovable Beagle. In this engaging and beautifully illustrated book, your child will journey with Benny as he shares fascinating insights about his breed’s traits, habits, and history.

In the delightful rhymes, Benny unveils his tricolored coat - black, tan, and white - that expresses his might despite his small size. Your young reader will learn about the origin of Beagles from England and their prowess in sniffing out even the hidden in the unseen! Also, they’ll understand why Beagles make excellent guard dogs, capable of sensing intruders even in the fog.

Benny showcases his playful nature whether it involves a squeaky toy or a bell to ring. Also, he confesses his love for food albeit too many treats being not good for his health. The tale concludes on a heart-warming note with Benny curling up for a nap after sharing all about the wonderful life of Beagles.

  • Who’s this book for? Young readers who are starting to explore the world of animals or who have an interest in dogs, particularly Beagles. This book bridges learning and fun creating a strong affinity between kids and animals.
  • Why is it perfect for them? The information about Beagles is presented in an easy-to-understand and fun-filled manner that both informs and entertains. It stimulates curiosity about animals while fostering a love for reading.

A Picture Book for Kids About Beagles also makes a great gift idea! It creates an opportunity for shared reading between grandparents and their grandchildren, nurturing beautiful bonds and fostering love for reading and animals. It’s not just a book; it’s a treasure trove of joyous moments and valuable learnings dressed in a Beagle’s tale.

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