Good Night San Jose -  A Childrens Book About San Jose California
From the book Good Night San Jose: A Childrens Book About San Jose California

Embark on a delightful journey through the heart of San Jose, California, with this beautifully illustrated children's book targeting ages 1-5. From sunrise to sunset and beyond, "Good Night San Jose" takes our young readers across iconic landmarks in this vibrant city.

The day begins with a playful hello to the innovative spirit at The Tech Interactive and the inspiring modern art at San Jose Museum of Art. As we move into midday, we explore Winchester Mystery House's architectural marvels and greet lively animals at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

In each page turn, your child will discover new places such as Kelley Park's sunlit trails or Japanese Friendship Garden's serene morning ambiance. They'll feel the excitement build up in SAP Center during game days. And they'll experience the bustling energy of San Pedro Square Market come evening.

  • Silicon Valley, where ambitious dreams become groundbreaking realities;
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, bridging centuries past for their knowledge;
  • And finally bid good night under Mount Hamilton’s starlit sky from Lick Observatory.

If you're from San Jose or merely someone who appreciates the rich tapestry that forms this city, this book makes a perfect keepsake for your little ones!

Celebrate Tomorrow: Dream about tomorrow’s adventures! Unfold pages filled with wonder about nature parks like Alum Rock Park or cultural heritages like Peralta Adobe—the oldest building in town!

Experience all these while whispering a sweet goodnight under Heritage Rose Garden’s moon-kissed petals. A loving tribute capturing San Jose’s essence just right before bedtime!

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