Good Night Boilermakers!
From The childrens book Good Night Boilermakers!

A lullaby for future leaders of the world and their parents.

Start your day with a delightful journey through the iconic Purdue University campus in this enchanting children’s book, “Good Night Boilermakers”.

Watch as the sun rises over Purdue Memorial Union, bustling with students sharing breakfast before their day starts. Listen to the chimes of the Purdue Bell Tower, standing tall and regulating life on campus. Peek inside Armstrong Hall of Engineering, home to innovative minds and groundbreaking research. Feel the lingering excitement at Ross-Ade Stadium from last night’s game.

  • Are you ready to meet future business leaders at Krannert School of Management?
  • Or visit athletes training hard under warm morning light in Mackey Arena?
  • Discover a riot of fragrant blooms in Horticulture Gardens,
  • Gaze into classrooms where students work towards improving global health at Purdue University College of Pharmacy,
  • Dive into Pappy’s Sweet Shop and its treasure trove of sweets, and much more!

In this heartwarming narrative penned specifically for children aged between 1-5 years old who want to learn about Purdue University; every location introduces them to different facets of campus life. Through lively descriptions, they understand that places like France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center or Cary Quadrangle are not just buildings but living landmarks teeming with activity. As evening falls, witness how Loeb Playhouse livens up for the night’s performance while Hicks Undergraduate Library bustles with dedication under soft lights.How important is Hillenbrand Hall - a shared living space buzzing with camaraderie? Don’t forget Birck Nanotechnology Center - pursuing knowledge even as dusk sets! This picture book captures snapshots from an ordinary day at Purdue through an extraordinary lens! It’s a love letter full of spirit and pride for past Boilermakers while inspiring younger ones.

If you’re seeking gifts for alumni or recent grads nostalgic about their alma mater or new parents keen on higher education values - this book is perfect! The vivid images coupled with thematic narrative nudges young readers’ curiosity while fostering appreciation for community spaces. Sleep tight by bidding goodnight along with our fellow Boilermakers till we awake again alongside them ready to tackle another exciting day!

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